Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Babblings

Firstly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Even if you think it's a load of commercialised rubbish. Happy VDay anyway :P.

A couple of things struck me as I was reading through what a friend wrote for the facebook meme that I posted the other day. Whilst they are very her, they are also very me, so I've kinda stolen them, mixed them around a little with some of my own comments, and decided to stick them here, because, quite frankly, I love memes! I love the feeling that someone is more than just an avatar, and getting to know people better. So I figure I should share the love. Anyway ....

1. I can be utterly, utterly crazy and loud and random, but I'm also very quiet, if that makes sense. I'm very quiet around new people and sometimes the people I've known almost forever. I'm comfortable with silences most of the time and I like to figure out what a person is like and where i stand with them before i say something that might make things awkward and leave us both wishing for the silence to come back. I like quiet. This is probably because I think a lot, daydreaming and stuff. I like daydreaming, which brings us to ...

2. I sometimes get caught up in my own thoughts of nothingness and find that I've missed chunks of conversations and don't remember what the hell i was thinking or doing in the past 30 seconds or has nothing to do with the person I'm talking to or what we're talking about, it just happens. So yeah, the daydreaming stuff. Because of this ...

3. I get confused easily, and I often forget things the minute after I'm told them, but given the opportunity to process for a second, I'm set, which is often why I'll start asking a question and then answer it halfway through asking, as my brain catches up. I also think aloud, and talk in circles, both as I'm thinking and just normally. These two things mean that a lot of people find it confusing when I talk. It takes me a while to get to a point :P. Give it some time, you'll get used to it.

4.I get freaked out and randomly panic when I'm about to try or start something new. Even if it's something I want to do. I think it has something to do with my fear of not living up to expectations. I hate the period of not knowing anything, or feeling like I'm going to make a fool of myself, although, as Kieralie stated, I reckon it's a good thing though because the relief I feel when it turns out to be not as bad as I first expected makes me soo happy that the experience of exploring this new unknown thing is even more exciting and fun!!...trying new things is good :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


To be completely honest, I forgot about my blogger account. So, to get you up to date ...

I got too far behind to finish NaNoWriMo. I was already behind due to exams, and afterwards I was much too burnt out to catch up. So that never ended up happening.

I regularly update my livejournal. I am trying to find a service that will update to both blogs without me having to actually post it twice. In the meantime, I will be double posting. So this will be updated!

The most important news I have of the last few months, is a new painting!

Pterois volitans

A bigger view is available in my deviantART gallery.