Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday 4th November, 12:11

I finally got the word count to work. You will notice that I had to change the widget. Anyhow, here is an excerpt for you ...

Random Explanatory Paragraphs that May or May Not Be Repeditive

Their farm, Emery, was situated on a little travelled road out the back of the township of Oakien, a firmly Aetolian village. This arrangement suited both the inhabitants of the farm and village happily. The orphans were naturally guarded in their approach to those outside their foster family, largely due to their unique circumstances. The villagers were wary of such a large and mixed family. Grace had married down to be with Menoe, which was frowned on, but not unacceptable. The Barlet boys were pitied, yet still acceptable. The remainder of the children, with the exception of Nikoli, were not generally associated with by the villagers.

Alaena was not only, to the best of knowledge, a bastard, her pregnant mother stumbling across the village shortly before her birth, her father unknown, but also a half-blood. She showed characteristics of both races, suggesting that her father had been a Kinari man. As such she could never be completely accepted within Aetolian society, whilst any of Kinari blood distrusted her just as much.

Taira’s parents were taken by Kinari forces, causing villagers to shy from association with her, lest they be incriminated and suspicion cast on them, despite that she was quite young when her parents were taken. Joet and Jesamine’s home was burnt by the members of their previous town, as their maternal grandfather was Kinari, and their parents strong believers in the Kinari rule. Despite their beliefs being the opposite of their parents, the two Faran children were avoided by the general Oakien public, for the crime of possessing Kinari blood, if nothing else.

Chianna, Thien and Kieren were purely Aetolian, orphaned by nothing more sinister than a severe illness that had taken a hold of both their parents, but their residence with such a diverse group of people at Emery was frowned upon. Owenn was the most unaccepted of the inhabitants of the farm, being of gypsy blood. The large family at Emery largely kept to themselves, and were a tightly knit group, highly defensive of each other. The villagers, for their part, generally left the farmers alone, disapproving of the acceptance of the Erskyn couple in taking in such a number of orphans, and with such disreputable backgrounds.

Seeing no caravans that signalled either the imminent arrival of the traders or the gypsies that often accompanied them, Alaena turned to look across the forest. A wind blew across her face, making her feel as if she was flying. She closed her eyes and leant into the wind, keeping hold of the trunk, until noises from below signalled the return of Nikoli and Owenn, with their carthorse.

That's all folks!
Love and light,

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear ...

Dear Menoe and Grace,

Please stop taking orphans under your wing. You do realise I'm going to have to think up horrible deaths for their parents at some stage. Yes, I know that there was a lot of illness in medieval society, and as such that is a ready excuse. That doesn't excuse your actions. You come up with the deaths. I don't want to. I know you're generous, I love that you're generous, but come on! 9 and a half orphans, as well as your own son is enough! Learn to say no. Please. Thank you, however, for providing such interesting stories for the word count. You can see I rewarded you with your own son for your excellent contribution. Congratulations.

Your Adoring Author, who may or may not strangle you. NO MORE ORPHANS.


Dear Author,

Stop rabbiting on about the stupid orphan backstories. Or at least write about them in a mildly interesting and sophisticated way. Why the heck did you choose orphans for heavens sake??? Everything sounds so morbid! Get on with the story for heaven's sake.

The Author


Dear Eleth,

Please stop badgering me. I know you want to be included, I want you to be included. You just have to be patient. She hasn't even made it to breakfast yet. She can hardly eavesdrop on you if she's faint with hunger. She has to talk to Joet first. No I don't love Joet more than you. Yet. I love you, Eleth, I swear, but honest to god, I think we may have ourselves a little love triangle happening. I swear I don't love him more than you. I promise.

Your Devoted Author


Dear Joet,

What the heck is happening with you? You haven't even said anything yet and I'm falling in love with you. I think that after your part is over, you may have to be re-introduced later. I really do. So hurry up and ask her to cover for you while you go see your lady friend. She may even feel a little jealous. Then you can corner Serah to find out where she really is, and go off and rescue/join her. I think you'll have to wait until after the battle however. Sorry. I see infinite possibilities for you!

Your Author Whose Affections are Increasing (Don't tell Eleth)



What is the point of your story. Seriously. I know that you have to go save the kingdom. I know that you want equality. But you're falling into the trap of being one of those annoying charcters who seem to know everything. You're only 19!! You can't know everything!! You can't suspect whatshisname from the start. You're going to have to trust him first. Don't blame this on me. I know that it's entirely my fault - but I'm blaming it on you!! I blamed you first.

Your Confused and Annoyed Author


Dear Whatshisname,

I know I gave you a name, but I don't like it anymore. Get a new one!! That is all.

Your Name-Searching Author

P.S. Don't you dare become a love interest. I'm not dealing in love squares. She'll hate you anyway. You can't avoid it. Sorry. Y.A.

Stoopid Slow Site

Well, apparently I can't get to the 'My NaNoWriMo' section, which means that, as the gadget thingy on the front page isn't working, I can't update my word count (The failure to load of the site is not at all helped by the tendency of my internet to die at random intervals) Therefore, that little calendarish thing over there says 0 words. I respectfully disagree. I have 1,889 words. Damn right. In my *ahem* study break *ahem* I have written 1,889 words. Nya nya to the silly not working site.

In between studying, I've worked out that I have a grand total of seventeen (17) days in which to complete WriMo. Which means I need to avaerage ... 2941.1764705882352941176470588235 words per day in those 17 days. I have also realised that I need to figure out secondary character names!! Do you know how annoying it is referring to characters as 1, 2, 3 etc? And then trying to find that later to switch it?? Especially if the work is really long and you're not going to have a chance to go through and check it all makes sense (right tense etc). Especially when you mix up the numbers.

ANYWAY. I must reurn to my Chemistry study (OMG THE SITE IS WORKING) Apologies, that was a false alarm. Honestly, how am I meant to update if I can't access the site?? I'm not a major failure. I PROMISE.


Love and inspiration,

ETA: I did update my wordcount. FINALLY. The widget thingy still isn't working properly though.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is an interesting read for any fantasy, or even simply fiction in some respects, enthusiasts:


Very very useful stuff. And all very true!!

In light of the little study I have completed today, here are some NaNo resolutions to ensure the same thing does not happen in November!!
1. I WILL post my daily word count on this blog and on my livejournal, so that I am publicly pressured to actually write a decent amount!
2. I WILL attempt to write as much as possible to build up a buffer in case of emergencies!
3. I WILL take my laptop on schoolies and attempt to write as much as possible whilst down there. This is why 2. is necessary however.
4. I WILL NOT procrastinate by painting. I shall simply have painting time, and writing time.
5. I WILL do AT LEAST 1 hour of writing a day. I imagine this will not be necessary, as I expect I shall be doing a lot more XD

And now I must away to study!

Peace, Magic and Love,

EDIT: Well, that worked well, didn;t it? >_<

Monday, October 27, 2008


Alaena is a fantasy work, although exactly how much fantasy there is going to be is something I don't yet know. I can't do too much planning due to my exams, so I planning to discover the world of Alaena as I go along. I do know the basic synopsis of the story though!!! Exact events will unfold as they happen. It's promising to be quite an enjoyable adventure!!

Simply, Alaena is the story of the search for equality, and realising that anyone can make a difference. Set in a different world, the kingdom of Aetolia is peaceful, and ruled by a benevolent young King, his wife, and their baby son. The peace however is not to last. An army of younger sons, merchants and mercenaries (the Kinari), hungry for land and power invade Aetolia under cover of darkness, imprisoning all those they find in the palace, and slaying the Royal Family, but not before a maid escapes with the baby Prince. In the time following the invasion those of Aetolian blood are oppressed as the Kinari take over the kingdom. Also in this time, a prophecy is made, telling of the coming equality between peoples, brought about by the hidden heir of btoh the Aetolian Royal Line, and Kinari blood.

The story is picked up 400 years later, with a young, orphan farm girl, Alaena. Her father a Kinari drunkard, seduced her Aetolian mother, who died in childbirth. Alaena has lived her life so far discriminated against by both peoples, never feeling like she fits. Learning of a rebellion against the Kinari crown, she jumps at the chance to join the fight for equality, but finds it is not as glorious as she had presumed. The 'heir' that the rebellion are hoping to raise to the kingship of Aetolia, a young man (who has yet to be named), seems to Alaena, to be slightly out of sync with the rest of the rebellion. After a series of events, she exposes him to be a fraud, a double agent for the Kinari, in an effort to root out, and kill, the real heir to the Blood Prophecy.

Shortly after the young man's exposion, the rebels engage in a large battle with the Kinari. Regrouping, the rebellion is depleted in number, with many of their group either dead or imprisoned, and without an heir. On the run and in a race against the Kinari to find the heir, the rebellion discover a heirloom of the Aetolian Royal Family, one that is identified as the tiny ring passed to Alaena from her mother. Although her position is doubted by many of the rebels, including herself, Alaena and the rebellion rekindle their efforts to overthrown the oppressive Kinari rule, and eventually succeed.

Alaena is being written under the same concept I used for my English Extension 2 major work this year. Identically titled, the original concept for Alaena was modified immensely to become a touching short story and fit with the constraints of the module (8,000 words maximum). For NaNoWriMo I am returning to the original concept and writing it as it was meant to, and deserves to be written. As very little, if any of the short story material can be used for the novel, and anything useable needs to be re-written, I'm pretty sure it fits within the NaNoWriMo rules.

I can't wait to begin NaNoWriMo, though I have no doubt that it will be hard to simply turn off the inner editor and write. I very much doubt that Alaena will be finished in 50,000 words, but it's a start, and with that big a start, a gap year, and a silly desire to be published as a teenager, I have no doubt that Alaena will be finished, and hopefully, published. In which case I shall keep this blog going, so that you can follow Alaena's progress!!

Peace and Fantasy,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, the month where authors from all over the globe aspire to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This year is my first NaNo year, and I plan to share it!! I found NaNo on the weekend, as I was procrastinating from my English study, and thought, this is just the thing I need to occupy my time after the HSC!!!!

After some thought I realized that my last two exams are on November 6th, and I'm going away for a week for schoolies from the 21st to the 28th. And I wondered what I was getting myself into!! I have big visions for my novel however, as I plan to write up the concept that was never meant to be simply an 8,000 word short story for an English Extension 2 major work! So Alaena will be realized in it's full glory this November!!!

Although I completely expect Alaena to end up as a story much longer than 50,000 words, and I am unsure whether I will make the word limit, even if I fail to reach the 50,000, or the full length that Alaena deserves, I will have started!!! And that is the important thing!! So wish me luck on my journey of writingness, and I shall post you a synopsis very soon!

Love and magic,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Beginning

The beginning is always the hardest part of any project. The first step, always the hardest. Sometimes, a beginning is happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes it goes nowhere at all. The most common start to a beginning, is an idea. A concept. Something that can be built upon, and expanded.

Sometimes, when something is started, it is begun with no foreseeable end, no goal in mind. I suppose that generally a beginning is begun with resolutions in mind. These resolutions will be carried, as they are or modified, it doesn't really matter which, throughout the middle, and to the end. In some cases, an introduction is necessary. I feel that the best way to begin this beginning is as such.

Hey, I'm Lindsey. I'm just about to finish my last exams of secondary schooling, and be unleashed on the world. I have dreams, big dreams, and little dreams, and I plan to share them all with you. Foremost amounst those dreams are those of being an artist, and an author, and of studying animals in their natural habitats. I have dreams of travelling the world, and bringing to life the fantastical creatures that inhabit my mind. Accompanied with my passion for the arts, is a love of nature and animals. I look up to people such as Jennifer Fallon, Selina Fenech, and Jane Goodall. I love, I dream, I create.