Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is an interesting read for any fantasy, or even simply fiction in some respects, enthusiasts:

Very very useful stuff. And all very true!!

In light of the little study I have completed today, here are some NaNo resolutions to ensure the same thing does not happen in November!!
1. I WILL post my daily word count on this blog and on my livejournal, so that I am publicly pressured to actually write a decent amount!
2. I WILL attempt to write as much as possible to build up a buffer in case of emergencies!
3. I WILL take my laptop on schoolies and attempt to write as much as possible whilst down there. This is why 2. is necessary however.
4. I WILL NOT procrastinate by painting. I shall simply have painting time, and writing time.
5. I WILL do AT LEAST 1 hour of writing a day. I imagine this will not be necessary, as I expect I shall be doing a lot more XD

And now I must away to study!

Peace, Magic and Love,

EDIT: Well, that worked well, didn;t it? >_<

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