Saturday, April 25, 2009


The problem with sitting down to actually post is that everything I was going to say goes flying out the window and I end up with a small post that doesn't really say much. The end of my laptop power cord has somehow melted, and it fell apart last night. I don't think I like computers very much at the moment. The screen on the one I'm on now keeps randomly dying. The power cord wasn't connected properly. I think it's okay now.

And now I'm actually on a different computer. Go figure.

I went to get the part I need for my power cable at a computer repair shop the other day and the guy wouldn't sell it to me without seeing my computer to 'check that it's right'. Despite the fact that I know exactly what I need. Stupid people. So now I have to go into Hornsby to get it there, instead of a shop conviently right near my uni. Hornsby is completely out of my way, unless I wanted to get off my train home and wait over an hour for the next one. I don't think so. *Grumble*.

The holidays were so short! Sydney Uni only has a week break mid semester. I believe it's because we start a week later and finish a week earlier than all the other unis. I'd rather start at the same time and have two weeks off. We had friends from Victoria staying with us for a night, and then we went up to Ballina to visit my grandparents. I came home early on the train, because of uni. It's actually a really nice train trip. Long, but less than half of what it costs to fly. I was going right next to the ocean at one point, and the country is beautiful. It's a totally different view than you get from the road.

I have a maths quiz and a biology quiz this week. Monday and Thursday. 15% and 10% respectively. I need to go study for that ... I dyed my hair last night. It's supposed to be dark brown but it's looking rather black this morning. I think I should probably have washed it out a little earlier than I did. It's cool though. Now my hair is almost back to normal. It was a much lighter brown after the red in the permanent faded. My hair is normally a dark brown, so once the colour fades a bit, it'll be all good.

I have a painting in the works! Yay. Much happiness will ensue. It doesn't have any people in it, so the sketch was much quicker this time. I hate drawing and painting people. I need to practice more! I made a mask yesterday as well. I'm waiting for the clay to dry out now so I can seal and paint it. It's very rough, because I mostly just wanted to DO something. I've had that clay for ages. Basically I was just putting clay over a plastic mask, to get the shape. I need a better base. Plastic bends too easily o_O.

I house sat at my neighbours over easter weekend. It was fun to pretend I had cats for a few days. I want a cat (and many other things, but we shan't start listing here). I don't think Tobi would like a cat too much. One of my friend's has gone to America with her family for four weeks. They're touring all the national parks. I am SO jealous. That is definitely on my list of things that Must be Done!!! On a travelling note, I was thinking of maybe going to South Africa at the end of this year. Aviva ( runs several volunteering programs on the reserves. I was thinking especially the Tamboti Reserve program ... but I think that I may instead save my money to do ... Summer School. Yep. That's right. But I like learning and there's only so much room for units in the semester. But then again I might get uni-ed out. The Tamboti program would still be learning ... This is what I get when I type exactly what I'm thinking, while I'm thinking it. Circles.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Really Need To Think Of A Decent Title

I has new iPodness! It's shiny and black. Also ... it has colour o_O!! It's amazing! I've kept my mini going for so long now. It still works, but very sporadically and sometimes for a couple of hours and sometimes for a few minutes. It comes back from the dead too. If it dies because the battery is dead, and you turn it on again enough, the battery rises to half full and it'll last for at least an hour. But it is time for Lindsey's Amazing iPod of Awesome to be retired. Largely because I'll need music for about 11 hours in a row next Sunday and there is no way my mini would've made it.

I skipped out early on uni today. There are some days when you just can't be bothered ... Of course, it helps that all the lecture notes and often audio are posted online. And the particular lecturers we have at the moment are simply reading straight of their powerpoints...

I'm so excited it's almost Easter! I only get a week off, but it shall be fun filled and awesome nonetheless. Some family friends from Victoria are staying with us Monday night, and then we're going to Balina to visit my grandparents on Wednesday. Unfortunately I have to come back early for uni, but I'm catching the train, which'll be fun :). 11 hours .... now you realise why I need an iPod with a long battery.

As I write this Tobi has moved from my head, where he was eating some of the pictures on my wall, to my knees. I have no idea why he sits on my knees when I type, because my computer is resting on the same leg, so he's completely blocked off. Crazy bird. I bought him a new toy the other day - basically a whole lot of knots in a thick cottonish rope thing. He's scared of it at the moment. Poor baby. But he needs to get used to it and eat it instead of everything else that's lying around in my bedroom!

I believe we have come to the end of my random updatingness for today. Oooh. Except ... Dymocks have brought out a kind of notebook range called 'paperblanks'. They have the awesomest covers! Seriously, check them out. They're expensive, but oh-so-pretty. Most have lined pages. Mine is blank paged and looks like one of those old leather books. Very cool.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

For lack of a better subject line ...

So You Think You Can Dance (that has to many capitals in too quick succession) was AWESOME! We were in the mosh pit-ish bit on the right, so we were right near all the action. Apparently we were in the background of most of the shots. Which was all some people cared about. Being on TV. BIG WHOOP. I went because I wanted to see DANCING. I spent most of the night stuck behind a group of really rude girls, who kept pushing other people out of the way and saving spots and such, but anyway ....... it was good. The dancers are really nice, and all the girls are really short! I got photos with all of them, cause I'm like that :P. The guys are all really muscly too :)

Work yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be on very little sleep and being sick. I did tins, but I didn't get sick like last time. I sorta kept the fan on. It gets so warm in there! I wasn't sniffly at all Saturday morning, which was great, because I probably couldn't've gone in if I was, working around food and all. I got offered to house sit for my neighbours over Easter weekend. I'm not sure. It seems a little pointless as I'll be coming home to do work around the house and borrow a car early in the morning. We shall see. They don't need anyone, they thought I might like to though, and they wouldn't mind the company for their cats.

I'm editing a romance for a girl on Fiction Press. I really like editing, although I feel bad at some points because I seem to be pointing out a lot of stuff (mostly the same thing). I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of editingness as well. But it is fun. I really like it. I've always enjoyed editing my own stuff, but editing other people's is cool too, although not as easy, because I don't necessarily know where she's going with some stuff.

I sketched out a tentative artwork this morning, hopefully it'll materialise! If it does, it'll be sort of a surreal piece, fantasy of course, probably A2 size. It will be fairly easy though. Probably intricate detailing, but no human figures etc, so I won't be able to get so nitpicky with what I'm drawing/painting. I also did a random sketch of Tobi. I think I need to get a sketchbook to just randomly sketch in. It wasn't as bad as I imagined it'd be, and I need to practice people more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh ...

Happy April Fools!!!!

Random Catchup

I have been meaning to update, but lately everything I write sounds like I'm complaining, which I'm not. So we are moving on from that. Welcome to the short version.
  • Uni is good. I've made some really good friends, and though I have yet to do much actual work, I'm finding it really good. In starting anew however, I've come to realise just how socially awkward I am. It may come as a surprise to some people, but I am extremely shy, and I don't really get people very well. I've realised over the past month that I probably seem rather rude to people I've just met, but it's really just because I'm shy! Must work on that ...
  • I went to Wagga to visit Tina last weekend. We had a ball and it was great to see her. It's very different to suddenly not be able to see people every day anymore. The drive wasn't too bad, only 5 hours. I actually did it all, which was good. I'm used to travelling really long distances by car with minimum stops, but not actually driving them myself. I feel rather accomplished :)
  • I haven't done anything creative in over 2 months :(. It's not for lack of inspiration or anything, simply lack of energy and time. I've been feeling rather devoid of energy lately. I'm fine at uni, but once I get home I just crash. It's not good and I think that I can probably put it down to a complete abscence of excercise, but when I don't have the energy/time to do the work I should be doing, I feel I can't justify the excercise. It's a stupid mentality I know, but it's there all the same. I think I need a pilates DVD or something, so that I feel it's not taking as much effort. My mind is strange.
  • I'm going to see So You Think You Can Dance this Friday. My friend's sister got 4 tickets, and gave two to Vanessa. I think she needed an adult? Anyway, I'm happy :D