Sunday, April 5, 2009

For lack of a better subject line ...

So You Think You Can Dance (that has to many capitals in too quick succession) was AWESOME! We were in the mosh pit-ish bit on the right, so we were right near all the action. Apparently we were in the background of most of the shots. Which was all some people cared about. Being on TV. BIG WHOOP. I went because I wanted to see DANCING. I spent most of the night stuck behind a group of really rude girls, who kept pushing other people out of the way and saving spots and such, but anyway ....... it was good. The dancers are really nice, and all the girls are really short! I got photos with all of them, cause I'm like that :P. The guys are all really muscly too :)

Work yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be on very little sleep and being sick. I did tins, but I didn't get sick like last time. I sorta kept the fan on. It gets so warm in there! I wasn't sniffly at all Saturday morning, which was great, because I probably couldn't've gone in if I was, working around food and all. I got offered to house sit for my neighbours over Easter weekend. I'm not sure. It seems a little pointless as I'll be coming home to do work around the house and borrow a car early in the morning. We shall see. They don't need anyone, they thought I might like to though, and they wouldn't mind the company for their cats.

I'm editing a romance for a girl on Fiction Press. I really like editing, although I feel bad at some points because I seem to be pointing out a lot of stuff (mostly the same thing). I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of editingness as well. But it is fun. I really like it. I've always enjoyed editing my own stuff, but editing other people's is cool too, although not as easy, because I don't necessarily know where she's going with some stuff.

I sketched out a tentative artwork this morning, hopefully it'll materialise! If it does, it'll be sort of a surreal piece, fantasy of course, probably A2 size. It will be fairly easy though. Probably intricate detailing, but no human figures etc, so I won't be able to get so nitpicky with what I'm drawing/painting. I also did a random sketch of Tobi. I think I need to get a sketchbook to just randomly sketch in. It wasn't as bad as I imagined it'd be, and I need to practice people more.

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