Saturday, April 25, 2009


The problem with sitting down to actually post is that everything I was going to say goes flying out the window and I end up with a small post that doesn't really say much. The end of my laptop power cord has somehow melted, and it fell apart last night. I don't think I like computers very much at the moment. The screen on the one I'm on now keeps randomly dying. The power cord wasn't connected properly. I think it's okay now.

And now I'm actually on a different computer. Go figure.

I went to get the part I need for my power cable at a computer repair shop the other day and the guy wouldn't sell it to me without seeing my computer to 'check that it's right'. Despite the fact that I know exactly what I need. Stupid people. So now I have to go into Hornsby to get it there, instead of a shop conviently right near my uni. Hornsby is completely out of my way, unless I wanted to get off my train home and wait over an hour for the next one. I don't think so. *Grumble*.

The holidays were so short! Sydney Uni only has a week break mid semester. I believe it's because we start a week later and finish a week earlier than all the other unis. I'd rather start at the same time and have two weeks off. We had friends from Victoria staying with us for a night, and then we went up to Ballina to visit my grandparents. I came home early on the train, because of uni. It's actually a really nice train trip. Long, but less than half of what it costs to fly. I was going right next to the ocean at one point, and the country is beautiful. It's a totally different view than you get from the road.

I have a maths quiz and a biology quiz this week. Monday and Thursday. 15% and 10% respectively. I need to go study for that ... I dyed my hair last night. It's supposed to be dark brown but it's looking rather black this morning. I think I should probably have washed it out a little earlier than I did. It's cool though. Now my hair is almost back to normal. It was a much lighter brown after the red in the permanent faded. My hair is normally a dark brown, so once the colour fades a bit, it'll be all good.

I have a painting in the works! Yay. Much happiness will ensue. It doesn't have any people in it, so the sketch was much quicker this time. I hate drawing and painting people. I need to practice more! I made a mask yesterday as well. I'm waiting for the clay to dry out now so I can seal and paint it. It's very rough, because I mostly just wanted to DO something. I've had that clay for ages. Basically I was just putting clay over a plastic mask, to get the shape. I need a better base. Plastic bends too easily o_O.

I house sat at my neighbours over easter weekend. It was fun to pretend I had cats for a few days. I want a cat (and many other things, but we shan't start listing here). I don't think Tobi would like a cat too much. One of my friend's has gone to America with her family for four weeks. They're touring all the national parks. I am SO jealous. That is definitely on my list of things that Must be Done!!! On a travelling note, I was thinking of maybe going to South Africa at the end of this year. Aviva ( runs several volunteering programs on the reserves. I was thinking especially the Tamboti Reserve program ... but I think that I may instead save my money to do ... Summer School. Yep. That's right. But I like learning and there's only so much room for units in the semester. But then again I might get uni-ed out. The Tamboti program would still be learning ... This is what I get when I type exactly what I'm thinking, while I'm thinking it. Circles.

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