Sunday, June 7, 2009

bab⋅bling - NOUN - 1. foolish or meaningless chatter; prattle

I love Tobi when he preens himself. He's all fluffed up and gorgeous. And then I get his bits of fluff all over my knee (or whatever else he happens to be sitting on). I saw Star Trek last night. It's an awesome movie! I haven't really seen any Star Trek before, but I really like it. The effects were good and I loved Spock. And Chris Pine is gorgeous I want to go to space. I hope we find other inhabited planets in my lifetime, or they find us :) That would be amazing.

I need a bigger bookcase. Just on a side note. I have too many books - half of them are living under my bed because there's simply not enough room for them on my bookcase. Of course, I don't exactly have room for another bookcase either. I think when I build my desk that we're going to put boxes along the back underneath though. I wanted some for uni stuff, and it'll help with supporting it too. So that'll be nice. I'm making a desk, did I mention? The one I have now is too small to do anything on so I never use it. The one we're making will be about 3m long and probably somewhere about 80cm deep for my computer, Tobi, and enough room for me to spread out my uni and art stuff. It'll run underneath my window, which will give it some nice light. Previously it was in a dark corner. I did work/painting etc on either my bed or my floor, which isn't the best way to do things :P

Uni is over. It went so quick! I have a week off, and then exams. I end up getting 5 weeks off after that before second semester :D. I am so ready for holidays. Uni is draining. I got my textbook for Greek and Roman Myth the other day. It's so pretty. I'm also looking forward to doing Living Systems for biology. Concepts was interesting, but I really don't like the molecular stuff, which is mostly what this course dealt with. The genetics and Ecology topics were good though :) I have to do Chemistry and Maths again :(

I broke the mask I made. It was a bit stupid. Generally my floor is covered in clothes and paper and stuff, and because I don't use my desk, that's where the mask was. And I stepped on it. I glued it to the plastic mask I modelled it on and painted over it again and it's fine now, but I've put it away until I can paint it somewhere where it's not going to break. I have a background for something, but I think I've changed the direction for that, so it won't be finished for a while. I have an A2 sized work being sketched as well. Big is fun. That's sort of it.

On a quick side note ... whilst my blog here gets the same main updates as my livejournal, my livejournal gets some 'friends only' posts that I can't do here. It also used to get my twitter updates, though it doesn't anymore. My livejournal can be found here, and my twitter here. That is all.