Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Really Need To Think Of A Decent Title

I has new iPodness! It's shiny and black. Also ... it has colour o_O!! It's amazing! I've kept my mini going for so long now. It still works, but very sporadically and sometimes for a couple of hours and sometimes for a few minutes. It comes back from the dead too. If it dies because the battery is dead, and you turn it on again enough, the battery rises to half full and it'll last for at least an hour. But it is time for Lindsey's Amazing iPod of Awesome to be retired. Largely because I'll need music for about 11 hours in a row next Sunday and there is no way my mini would've made it.

I skipped out early on uni today. There are some days when you just can't be bothered ... Of course, it helps that all the lecture notes and often audio are posted online. And the particular lecturers we have at the moment are simply reading straight of their powerpoints...

I'm so excited it's almost Easter! I only get a week off, but it shall be fun filled and awesome nonetheless. Some family friends from Victoria are staying with us Monday night, and then we're going to Balina to visit my grandparents on Wednesday. Unfortunately I have to come back early for uni, but I'm catching the train, which'll be fun :). 11 hours .... now you realise why I need an iPod with a long battery.

As I write this Tobi has moved from my head, where he was eating some of the pictures on my wall, to my knees. I have no idea why he sits on my knees when I type, because my computer is resting on the same leg, so he's completely blocked off. Crazy bird. I bought him a new toy the other day - basically a whole lot of knots in a thick cottonish rope thing. He's scared of it at the moment. Poor baby. But he needs to get used to it and eat it instead of everything else that's lying around in my bedroom!

I believe we have come to the end of my random updatingness for today. Oooh. Except ... Dymocks have brought out a kind of notebook range called 'paperblanks'. They have the awesomest covers! Seriously, check them out. They're expensive, but oh-so-pretty. Most have lined pages. Mine is blank paged and looks like one of those old leather books. Very cool.

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