Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Catchup

I have been meaning to update, but lately everything I write sounds like I'm complaining, which I'm not. So we are moving on from that. Welcome to the short version.
  • Uni is good. I've made some really good friends, and though I have yet to do much actual work, I'm finding it really good. In starting anew however, I've come to realise just how socially awkward I am. It may come as a surprise to some people, but I am extremely shy, and I don't really get people very well. I've realised over the past month that I probably seem rather rude to people I've just met, but it's really just because I'm shy! Must work on that ...
  • I went to Wagga to visit Tina last weekend. We had a ball and it was great to see her. It's very different to suddenly not be able to see people every day anymore. The drive wasn't too bad, only 5 hours. I actually did it all, which was good. I'm used to travelling really long distances by car with minimum stops, but not actually driving them myself. I feel rather accomplished :)
  • I haven't done anything creative in over 2 months :(. It's not for lack of inspiration or anything, simply lack of energy and time. I've been feeling rather devoid of energy lately. I'm fine at uni, but once I get home I just crash. It's not good and I think that I can probably put it down to a complete abscence of excercise, but when I don't have the energy/time to do the work I should be doing, I feel I can't justify the excercise. It's a stupid mentality I know, but it's there all the same. I think I need a pilates DVD or something, so that I feel it's not taking as much effort. My mind is strange.
  • I'm going to see So You Think You Can Dance this Friday. My friend's sister got 4 tickets, and gave two to Vanessa. I think she needed an adult? Anyway, I'm happy :D

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