Friday, May 15, 2009


I hate sales. Really I do. There's so much temptation to buy (and of course I can't resist. Who can?). The wonderful Alexandra Sforza makes all sorts of wonderful things, including the most gorgeous old keys. (Thank you very much to [info]starrydance for putting her keys up on her blog! Otherwise this source may not have been discovered *gasp*.) And she's having a half off sale! (Go check it out. Link up there ^.) And I just couldn't resist!! So I have bought these:

"Industry Halted
No matter how high we build, all the steel and glass we use, Nature will find a way. There is always a glimmer of green through the gold.
Beautiful green tourmaline against brass."


"Wings of Friendship
A funny little key, I don't know what it's from. It has the word "friendship" stamped into the metal on the other side. Cute! Pink tourmaline accents the idea of love and lasting friendship."

How beautiful are they?? And they were 50% and 20% off respectively!!!! (As 'Wings of Friendship' is a new piece, it wasn't included in the sale, but she took 20% off for me anyway, how nice is that?)

And now I have to wait for them to arrive *sob*. But they are so beautiful and I can't wait for them to get here!!

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tera said...

Those are really pretty! I love old keys. I have found a couple sellers on Etsy who sell some by the lot, but I have yet to buy because I'm not sure what to do with them. I never even thought or making pendants out of them.
Might have to give that a try. I have lots of gemstone beads!