Saturday, July 25, 2009

Short but Sweet

Look! Second post in two weeks! There must be something funny in the water :P. Back in Sydney after a week up North with family. We had a great time the rest of last week. We went to the aquarium and Luna Park on Friday, and met some of our other cousins there. All of us ended up feeling very sick :P, although someof us (i.e. me - I was already feeling sick) skipped the Rotor (big spinny tube where you get stuck to the walls 'cause of the centrifugal force and all that). And then we went on other spinny rides after that.

I was glad we got to go to Winterfest. Luckily for me my aunt likes that sort of stuff. My cousin, not so much, but she had fun anyway :). Drove up to Ballina Sunday morning. 7 hours. Fun. We did lots of beaching and laking and general nothingness. We went to see the new Harry Potter on ... um, some afternoon. Not sure which. There didn't seem to me to be that much going on. I liked it, but not much seemed to happen, except the very end.

And we left Ballina this morning and got home about 2ish. Katherine was crying when we said goodbye. I hate that she lives so far away! I've decided I'm definitely going to England in my winter holidays next year though, and then she and I are going to go to Venice. And other random European cities/countries.

Back to uni on Monday. I have to get up at 5:30 every morning now *whimpers*. No fair. 8am lectures are only okay when teleportation is invented. This is short because I'm tired and I need to go get dinner. I hope people had a nice week.

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