Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Catchup

So long without posting ... and I haven't even been doing anything useful. My debit card still hasn't arrived. I need to call the bank and complain! They probably forgot to send it. Which means I'll need to wait another week for it to arrive :( It's not fair. I don't like carrying huge amounts of money around.

My uni timetable is actually pretty good. I don't have any days off, but I go from 9-5 on Monday, 9-3 every 2nd Tuesday (1-3 every other), 9-3 Wednesdays, 10-3 Thursday, and 11-1 on Friday. Which is pretty cool. I know some people go from 9-5 every day. Thank god I don't have to do that! I do have a clash in my timetable between Maths and Ancient History lectures on a Wed afternoon, but I think I may just skip the maths lecture every Wed, instead of alternating :) O Week was fun, lots of people! And we got lost trying to find a friend's Agriculture introduction. It's so huge! I start tomorrow ... hopefully I don't get too lost! the downside of it is that it could potentially take me almost 1.5 hours travel each way. And of course the cost of travel :( I finish at 1 this Monday, which is nice, as practicals don't begin until 2nd week.

I have been amazingly lazy during my time off. I have had a ton of ideas for both artings and writings, but all I've really done is write them down. I want to draw and paint them, but I haven't. Really I'm just being lazy :( I have been reading a lot, romances at the moment. But that's still no excuse. I did however, rearrange my room. Basically I switched my bed and desk around. My desk is under the window and my bed head is against the wall opposite. It's a nice change. I am going to be making a bigger desk soon, but I don't know where I'll put Tobi. Where he currently is, the desk will cover. I could put him against the wall under the window, but I feel bad if he can't see outside. I will probably end up putting him in front of my bookcase again. Poor baby.

Tina came up for the weekend! She's now renting a cottage, so she needed to come and pick up a whole lot of furniture and stuff that she didn't need/couldn't fit in the cabin. I missed her so much. I think she'll be coming back up for the bush dance. I want her to anyway. She will if she gets an assignment done early. I will probably fly down to visit her for the weekend after anyway, but it'd be really nice if she could come up too. She was studying when I arrived o_O. Her biology textbook is REALLY nice though. I like it. The sort of book you'd keep after you're done with it. I want one like it. I am such a nerd!

My aunt and cousin are coming out from England later this year! They'll be here in July/August. I think they're staying with us for a bit, and then they're going up to Ballina to visit my grandparents. I can't wait! I haven't seen Katherine in AGES. She'll turn 16 just before she gets here, so she's a couple of years younger than me, but she is my closest girl cousin.

I should get up and have breakfast, so I shall continue any catchups I can think of later!
Happy Sunday everyone.
And Happy March.

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